The year is 2222, and warrior twins Cosima and Damien are called to dance with Death, whose tightening grip on humanity threatens the annihilation of existing and future lives.

Every thousand years or so, Death tightens its grip on humanity. The first forces called to loosen it were Taió and Caiandê - the Brazilian twin Gods, or Orixás, whose enchanting song kept Death at bay. Since then, whenever Death’s power has grown too strong, new twins have been tasked with restoring nature’s balance.

Using movement, music and poetry, Buried Thunder introduces a brand-new set of twins, two hundred years from now. After dancing with Death and subduing him once more, the new pair must decide upon three pillars for the new world to adopt, if it is to move towards peace. As they hash out their plans, they call on the audience to share the message of their new dances and reconsider the pillars' presence in our own lives.

Cosima & Damien: The Twins Who Danced With Death was first performed at Volcano Theatre, Swansea as part of their Solo Duets For The Future programme.