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Our Shore (June 2019)

A stranger from the East finds himself washed up on an unfamiliar shore. Rocky cliffs sprouting green vegetation, violent waves crashing onto the sandy beach underfoot, a lighthouse glowing in the distance…

He has arrived somewhere in the British Isles, soon to uncover the lost tales of the land.

Breathing new life into Britain's ancient folklore, Physical Theatre company Buried Thunder present
Our Shore.

Our Shore, created in association with Farnham Maltings, is Buried Thunder's first professional piece of work. 

The piece was developed with the aim to explore English mythology, as we felt it was a part of English culture that had been somewhat forgotten (or buried). We focussed on particular creatures whose peculiarities stood out to us and created a story around them, centred around the figure of a refugee. His separation from English culture and mythology this gave us an outward perceptive to play with, and an important political edge to the work.

Our Shore is at its heart, about home. About losing your home, finding a new one, and deciding what actually makes a home.


To us, telling our story through physical means can lead to stronger emotive impact. The abstraction of characters’ emotions and the emphasis of dramatic moments work to make stories more magical and engaging for the audience.